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Are you ready to fast-track your Airbnb success and turn your space into a lucrative business? Airbnb Express is your ultimate guide, tailored for beginner hosts seeking a drama-free path to high profitability. 🌟

Course Highlights 🚀

Budget-Friendly Setup Learn the art of creating a stunning space without breaking the bank. 💰
Quick ROI Business Plan Craft a business plan designed for rapid return on investment. 📈
Powerful Marketing Strategy Elevate your property's visibility and attract high-quality guests. 🎯
Conversion Copywriting Master the art of crafting compelling listings that convert browsers into bookings. ✍️
Professional Photography Capture attention with eye-catching photos to showcase your property's unique charm. 📸
5-Star Offer Design Create an irresistible package that keeps guests coming back for more. 🌟

Let's Build It Together! 🚀

Join Lauren on a journey of transformation as you evolve into an empowered, inspired, and action-oriented Airbnb entrepreneur. Let's turn your space into a thriving income generator that embraces freedom.

How We Do It:

On-Demand, Concise 8-12 Minute Video Trainings ✅
Step-by-Step Workbook with Easy to Follow DIY Guides 💰
Unlimited 60-Minute $95 Coaching Calls with Lauren👀
Bonus Copy of Airbnb Beginner's Guide to Hosting Book 🌈
Hey there! I'm Lauren Coats, your Airbnb Expert Mentor.
I've been traveling to and living in 32 countries, exchanging smiles with people from diverse cultures thanks to my success as an Airbnb entrepreneur.
I set up, ran and managed 7 rentals in Hollywood, California as a DIY host from 2016-2019 and have been working as an expert vacation rental consultant ever since.
I wish you ultimate success, I'm here to show you the way. Let's create it together! xx Lauren

Client Testimonial🌟Carolyn

“I met Lauren in 2018 when she began consulting with me on what I hoped to turn into a short term rental business. Today I have four extremely successful homes that I rent to traveling professionals.

There is no doubt in my mind that the success I have experienced is because of her efforts. Her knowledge of the industry is exceptional. She turned my vision into a brand and worked hand in hand with me to bring a website and social media to life.

It’s been a bonus that all of her work is fueled by an extremely intuitive spirit, full of love and genuine desire to see her clients succeed. I’ve hit my goal, but continue to throw ideas at Lauren to see what kind of magic she can make happen.

Every time I’ve got an idea she brings it to life and exceeds anything I could’ve dreamed of! Lauren brought a lot of confidence and comfort to me when I was starting my new Airbnb business. Now that I’ve hit my stride our work together is sheer joy.

She helps keep me on track with updates and reminders of how to stay successful so I don’t get complacent. I couldn’t be more pleased with everything she’s done for me and my business.”

Client Testimonial🌟Leila

“The experience of participating in the business audit with Lauren was incredible. Her expertise and friendliness were essential to raise the quality of the listings I manage on Airbnb.

With her valuable tips, I learned about building an optimized listing, marketing and sales strategies, and transforming simple listings into true local highlights and how to considerably increase my monthly revenue.

Prior to the sessions with Lauren, I was wondering how I could harmonize and improve the quality of the listings I manage and make my hosting duties run smoother, and she showed me many effective strategies for achieving these goals.

I am extremely pleased with the results and recommend anyone looking to improve their Airbnb business plan to rely on Lauren's skill and kindness.”

Client Testimonial🌟Chris

“I was having a hard time trying to set up a cabin on Airbnb when Lauren appeared and just made the magic happen. Her approach to setting up the listing was done in such a positive way, showing me it's much simpler than I thought.

She was helpful in so many ways from the start, and I can definitely say she’s the right person to make your dream take off. Lauren gave me great tips on how to organize and decorate the cabin and even brought me some aloe vera plants from her own collection.

She gave me some excellent ideas for how to make my guests happy like having bikes available and recommending a local nature guide and massage therapist. It's always wonderful when we get to work with people that encourage progress with compliments.

She took what seemed like a hard task and made it a walk in the park. I’ve increased the visibility of my listing, increased my earnings, improved the quality of my hosting, and have even set new business goals.

I can enthusiastically recommend Lauren to anyone looking to enhance their presence on Airbnb.”

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Course Curriculum

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  Lesson 1: A Birds Eye View of the Job
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson 2: No-Stress Business Planning
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson 3: Management Techniques
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lesson 4: Furnishing, Supplies & Design
Available in days
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  Lesson 5: Launch Your First Listing
Available in days
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  Lesson 6: Earn Big Bucks with 5-Stars
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  Lesson 7: The Cleaning Team
Available in days
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  Lesson 8: Airbnb as a Company
Available in days
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  Lesson 9: Welcome Your First Guest
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days after you enroll